Community Ideas

Key Messages

Over the past several months, we’ve been reviewing the results of leg one of our Road Trip outreach and analysis with a project Steering Committee. The Steering Committee includes representatives from local municipalities, rider groups and community interests. Their review of community input identified the following key messages:

  1. Speed up service and attract more riders.
  2. Increase frequency and reduce wait times.
  3. Offer earlier, later and weekend service.
  4. Expand service to new areas.
  5. Offer express service on high-volume lines.
  6. Ensure access for those most in need.
  7. Reduce congestion and parking demand.
  8. Expand Vanpool and Dial-A-Lift services.
  9. Provide real-time arrival and departure information.
  10. Be more bike-friendly.

Potential Enhancements

The Steering Committee recommended consideration of several service enhancements that could help us achieve some, or even most, of the community-identified priorities. They include:

Other Considerations

The Steering Committee explored future transit scenarios while considering important realities, including:

  • State and federal funding sources, which once supported transit station construction or expansion, new bus purchases, and other capital projects have been drastically reduced or eliminated.
  • Population growth and congestion are slowing routes while also adding more riders.
  • Younger workers show a preference for transit-based commutes over car-ownership.
  • Intercity Transit has stretched the service life of its fleet and undertaken other cost-cutting measures. Even so, without new revenue, service demands will outpace revenues by 2022.
  • Intercity Transit will provide the level of service our community supports, even if it means reductions.