About the Intercity Transit Road Trip

Bus at capitol

Get on Board!

Let’s Move Forward Together

That’s right, we’re headed into the future and we’ve saved you a seat. Intercity Transit takes great pride in operating one of the premier public transportation systems in the nation. We know success comes from listening to the people we serve.

Intercity Transit is launching a Road Trip to engage our diverse community in a conversation about the future of transportation in and around Thurston County. Be on the lookout for opportunities to share your ideas to help us remain effective, efficient and sustainable now and for years to come.

At Intercity Transit, we like to think of getting around from a holistic perspective – from the different places people are trying to go, to the ways they get there or would like to get there. We understand your road trip doesn’t always involve a bus.

  • What services or features would you like Intercity Transit to continue providing? What do you rely on?
  • How can we make our current system work better or easier?
  • What’s your vision for the public transportation system through 2040?

We’ll have Road Trip input opportunities to work for you:

For updates, schedules and more information, check back here, email us or stop by the office anytime!