Future Scenarios

A range of future scenarios for public transit in Thurston County were considered by the Steering Committee including:

  • Service Reductions: Allow public transportation service levels to shrink in the face of increasing growth and congestion which increase operating costs.
  • Status Quo System: Increase revenues just enough to maintain the current level of public transportation we have today to keep up with growth and congestion.  
  • Transformational System: Increase revenue enough to keep up with growth and reduce congestion, serve new areas, add frequency and ensure those who need it have it.

Based on population growth and ridership projections, the Steering Committee felt the Service Reduction and Status Quo scenarios would not meet the basic needs and demands of our community. 

The Steering Committee recommended the Intercity Transit Authority consider proceeding with the Transformational Scenario. They believe it will accomplish transit users' priorities, while also contributing to community development goals.

Standard BRT Features: A. Transit Signal Priority; B. BRT Branding; C. Enhanced Stations; D. Enhanced Fare Collection Systems; E. Specialized Vehicles; F. Dedicated Running Way