Steering Committee

Intercity Transit worked with a Steering Committee to sort through community comments and technical analysis findings, in preparation for the next round of community engagement. The Steering Committee included representatives from our partner jurisdictions, large transit users and other stakeholder interests. The goal was to coordinate and synchronize public input with peer community plans. The Steering Committee will recommend a “public review package” to the Intercity Transit Authority. That package will then be presented to the community for discussion and prioritization.

Steering Committee members include:

  • Grant Beck, City of Yelm
  • Michael Cade, Economic Development Council
  • Ramiro Chavez, Thurston County Manager
  • Todd Cutts, Olympia Downtown Association
  • Corinne Daffern, Workforce PACMTN
  • Mike Matlock, City of Tumwater
  • Tomy Mollas, Department of Enterprise Services
  • Karen Parkhurst, TRPC
  • JoAnn Schueler, WSDOT
  • Jeanette Smith, Ph.D., The Evergreen State College
  • Keith Stahley, City of Olympia
  • Dr. Tim Stokes, SPSCC
  • John Suessman, North Thurston School District
  • Rick Walk, City of Lacey
  • Joanna West, Thurston Chamber Board of Trustees

Community Partners

Intercity Transit shared community input results with a wide range of community partners who identified additional community objectives that would benefit from a robust transit service, including:

  • Community Health and Wellness – many people rely on transit to get to medical appointments and social gatherings.
  • Economy – transit is the primary means of transportation for many workers; an efficient transit system is essential to attracting employers.
  • Environment – higher transit use will reduce single-occupancy vehicle trips and carbon emissions.
  • Quality of Life – transit helps reduce congestion and provides worry-free travel options.
  • Urban Design – transit reduces the need to use prime real estate for parking in the urban core.
  • Growth Management – frequent and abundant transit drives population growth in urban corridors.